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Lauf dich fit!

The Bayerische Leichtathletik Verband e.V. (BLV) has set itself the task of motivating children and young people to do more sport and of supporting teachers in the organisation of sports lessons. (BLV) has made it its mission to motivate children and young people to do more sport and to support teachers in designing physical education lessons. The "Lauf dich fit" project has been running in Bavarian schools since 2015. The aim is for children and young people to gain the ability to take part in running challenge at school - also in partnership with Bavarian athletics clubs- to be able to run persistently for 15, 30 or 45 minutes without walking breaks.

All for a good cause
Why we run

Alternate education, homeschooling, lockdown - last year, children and young people spent most of their time at home. In the process, one thing often came up short: exercise. Whether it was the way to school or sports lessons, everyday exertion was missing and the sports club also had to keep its doors closed. Yet physical activity not only helps to prevent obesity and promote health, it is also beneficial for concentration and performance in class.

Schoolchildren 2021
Schoolchildren until now

Unusual situations - creative measures

The special thing about this year: due to homeschooling and alternating lessons as well as restrictions in physical education, the project "Lauf dich fit" cannot be carried out everywhere as usual. So that the children can still train for the big Challenge Days and be fully prepared, there will be a training camp for the first time. 

In order to make this as easy as possible for students and parents, the Munich Marathon Foundation, in cooperation with the BLV, has come up with a digital solution. The students are provided with exercises that they can watch on video and then practise. In an accompanying exercise book, they record how many repetitions they have completed per week. The booklet also contains tips and tricks as well as help on the topic of nutrition. In this way, they can train for the upcoming sporting challenge and are well prepared for the final challenge of running for 15, 30 or 45 minutes at a time.



The Munich Marathon Foundation "München Marathon Stiftung" supports the "Lauf dich fit" project for the second time. Because especially in this time, it is extremely important to show children and young people how much fun sport and exercise are, even away from the sports club. Children's health is particularly at risk in the lockdown and unfortunately they are often forgotten in the measures. For this reason, the non-profit Munich Marathon Foundation has decided to collect donations for the "Lauf dich fit" project as part of the Virtual OSTERMARATHON 2021 and thus support children and young people. In addition to the digital realisation, the foundation will also take care of the trophies for the winners as well as all other prizes and certificates for the students.

Lauf dich fit